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Etefagh House

Location Area Year Photographer Design Team Presentaion Team
Karaj,Alborz 140 m2 2021 - - -

A house is not necessarily a definition of multiple fixed and repetitive walls. A house can be a happening’s narrator. In order to create a boundary for a versatile room, why use masonry material, materials which cannot be moved or altered. The flexible room can be added to its adjacent hall in times of need and be alive like a human. The depth created in this space by the columns allows to create a functional closet, which aside from serving the adjacent salon, can also be used as a storage, and a cozy corner for daily micro-administrative activities. The multi-function space has a table which can be set at different heights for multiple uses. Bedroom contains a library and a master bathroom at the very beginning. Although bathroom is close to the bedroom entrance, shower box and toilet is placed in a dept of the bathroom so that it is blocked from any view from the outside.

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