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Nancy White House

Location Area Year Photographer Design Team Presentaion Team
Qazvin Saadat Abad, Tehran 115 m2 2019 - - -

In this project,From the begining, it was demanded to replace the main zones of the apartment by each other.For example, a big space of the existing kitchen was taken up by bathroom. our client made the demands fully consciously with the right understanding of the space and we only tried to look at them in our point of view to fulfill what was demanded. There was a major problem and that was the long corridor with a short ceiling at the beginning of the entrance. The parallel sides of this corridor were guest bathroom and the windows alongside that there a low-lying space that the employer had put a dining table to fill the space,that actually was not very useful and had made this unlovable corridor longer. This issue and overall proportion of this apartment plan led us to pursue the idea of a linear kitchen. The linear kitchen provided more cabinets. It did not reduce the width of the apartment at the same time. Linear lighting fulfilled the arrangement.In this way, the apartment has two halls and a full kitchen and as the employer mentioned, home is made to home. The bathroom was rotated and the useless corridor in the front was eliminated. This bathroom is specifically for the bedroom to make more facilities in the apartment and overall function is amended. linear arrangement of the bathroom provides us the maximum efficiency of the bedroom.

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